Just your average foodie, world traveler, and fashionista wandering through life

IMG_2942Hi all! I’m Mac…a small town raised girl who’s just trying to discover this big ole world. I was raised in the Texas Hill Country and then moved off to Lubbock, Texas to attend Texas Tech University (Wreck ‘Em). From there I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. Which basically is a fancy way of saying I like fitness and learning the human body. I am currently residing in Huntsville Alabama where I am living up a fairy tale love story that started in a pizza parlor on a cruise seven years ago. I know… your probably wanting more details on that situation…I will discuss that later throughout the blog. I am kinda a mixture of everything. I usually carry a color coded planner with me everywhere I go, but I also love to get in the car and not know a destination till I get there.  I thoroughly enjoy all things cooking. I have so many memories sitting on a stool in my mamas kitchen watching her whip up something scrumptious. I will be sharing some meals here and there, maybe even some of moms secrete recipes (shh!!). I live life on a budget, as I am still in my twenties, therefore I shop on a budget. When it comes to traveling… oh do I have a desire for all things travel. My bucket list could go on for a mile…truly! Follow me as I journey through life, sharing what I find along the way.

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