Spinach, Feta, Tomato Turkey Burgers

A little twist on your average turkey burger! Even picky eaters have enjoyed this one!


1 pound of ground turkey (can substitute for ground beef if proffered) -makes 4 burgers

1\4 pound frozen spinach (sometimes I chop up fresh spinach)

1/4 cup diced tomatoes

1/8 cup feta cheese

Hamburger buns

Seasoning to taste

Preparation: in a large mixing bowl add all ingredients together, including the turkey. After mixing all ingredients together separate into hamburger patties. To make four out of the pound I generally make them about an inch thick.


I have cooked these two ways and both have turned out great!

Cook over grill on a low flame until cooked to your liking! (I’ve also used a George Forman grill and it worked just as well). The grill gives them the smoky and charbroiled taste that most enjoy.

The other way I cook them is tossing some butter in a sauté pan and cooking the burgers this way. Cook on a low temperature to ensure that the turkey gets heated throughout.

To serve:

Toast hamburger buns (we generally use ciabatta buns)

To add a little extra flavor, I serve the burgers with pepper jack cheese and sliced avocado on the bun, and a side of sweet potatoes fries!